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VJ SQL to File: Joomla! tool to generate Excel, Word, PDF, CSV files from SQL queries . File types may be: Excel/XLS, Word/DOC, PDF, CSV.

**VJ SQL to File is Joomla! component and module to generate dynamic files by running SQL query. File types may be: Excel/XLS, Word/DOC, PDF, CSV.

★ Comes as component and module
★ Can generate various file types from SQL queries: PDF, Excel/XLS, Word/DOC, CSV files from SQL queries
★ When user clicks a link to download file, file is generated dynamically by running appropriate SQL query
★ Save and reuse SQL queries for different file types
★ Can properly accept and use parameters passed to query by user
★ Post links to generated files anywhere: on front-end and back-end, in articles and modules
★ Extension can retrieve data from Joomla! database or other databases
★ Can handle large data sets and avoid memory leaks by consistently appending files
★ Auto-size for excel columns to fit text
★ The following database types are supported: fbsql, gladius, maxdb, msql, mssql, mssqlpro, mysql, mysqli, mysqlt, odbc, postgres, postgres64, postgres7, postgres8, sqlite, sqlitepro, sybase, sybase_ace. To work with some databasee appropriate php extension may need to be installed and enabled
★ easy-to-use sql to excel tool
★ easy-to-use sql to pdf tool
★ easy-to-use sql to doc tool
★ easy-to-use sql to csv tool


Demo : www.vj-tools.com Support: www.vj-tools.com Documentation: www.vj-tools.com

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Version: 1.1.3 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Module Compatibility: 3