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New Reward Points extension manages points and Virtuemart loyalty in Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x (also available for vm2.x/j2.5 and vm1.1.x/j1.5). Earn points from order amount and/or product custom points and change points to coupons to discount new orders. It can also build a professional "credit points system" fotolia-like (optional with Credit points plugin) to pay all order instead of discounting.

In the new version, coupons metaphor is used instead of "chips" because customers know coupons and they are more intuitive to use. Coupons can be created from component page or direct on the main module, and they can be used in the cart or re-convert to points just by clicking on the icons.

Customers earn points from total order price and/or from products custom points (product custom points can even be used as "add-on" bonuses for a particular product). Points bonuses can be set for new registrations, fixed points bonus, raffle on orders, orders quantity, frequency, first orders with raffle option, birthday period and up to 4 promotional times (with daily optional exclusion) and more. Independent earning-from-amount points ratio and points-to-coupons money ratio.

The extension works in 4 modes (one new!)
1) Classic, where customers decide how much points to change and manage their coupons
2) Coupons instead of points: customers earn ready-to-use coupons instead of points (and can have more than one coupon)
3) Money mode: system shows money balance account instead of points, just one coupon is automatically created and managed, customers increase its value by earning new points and can use it in the cart by clicking on
4) (NEW) Money mode with auto-cart, as mode 3 but the only coupon is automatically enabled in the cart - always! - when customer logs in (the EASIEST way!)

Two modules with the extension: the main, to show points, let customer to manage coupons, use coupons or reconvert them, and keep tracks of the activities.
The product points prediction module (useful published on the product pages and in the cart), where customers are leaded to purchase with the prediction of earning points with that product or with the cart! It predicts even the bonuses!

Independent order status to give points to customers or restore points for refunded orders. The extension has a new, robust, multi-language options for sending beautiful html/plain emails, independent on earning than in changing chips, with support for tokens as {username} {points} and so on. Emails are very easy to setup because based on regular joomla content!

It works automatically with web-payment (as paypal, autorize.net) when you set the right IPN (or the silent post) provided with the instructions, they auto-switch orders from pending to confirmed and the extension store the new points and inform the customer.

The new Virtuemart Reward Points extension supports the Virtuemart Credit Points plugin, to build a complete credit points system from purchasing credits and pay with credits (in the way - for example - fotolia or istock do).

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Version: 3.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3