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The SobiPro SP-GeoMap Field extends the types of possible fields for SobiPro with a field for showing the location of an entry on a Google Map and with the possibility to do a Proximity Search.

Key features:

  • Google map for each entry to show its location
  • map size and zoom adjustable
  • satellite / roadmap / hybrid / terrain view
  • street view
  • pan, zoom, map type, scale and overview map controls available
  • geolocation based on a given address while adding an entry
  • alternatively IP based based geolocation while adding an entry
  • proximity search for entries within the radius of a given address or of the current position
  • choose between 3 different providers for search geolocation
  • autocomplete of addresses for search geolocation
  • distances shown in miles or kilometres
  • no need to enter a fixed radius - easier for your customers!
  • API key optional
  • SSL support
  • responsive for mobile sites
  • several languages available

This application is available within a SobiPro club membership among with many other club extensions for SobiPro.

Note: Installs using the SobiPro installer (Application Manager).


Demo : demo.sobi.pro Support: www.sigsiu.net Documentation: www.sigsiu.net

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Version: 3.2 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Compatibility: 3