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SEO Boss provides a rich set of tools and configuration settings which are indispensable for site search engine optimization (SEO).
Using SEO Boss you can:
- Change meta tags like Title, Keywords, Decription on any content page (Articles and Categories).
- Generate Meta Tags automatically.
- Easy find which pages have weak meta information (empty values in meta tags).
- Automatically hilight all keywords on your page by specified tags (strong, for example).
- Auomatically replace specified patterns by H1..Hn tags.
- Track you site position in Google search result list for different keywords.
- Manage outgoing links. It can replace specified outgoing links to some page on your site, which will actually redirect users to original URL.
- Override any meta tag on you site or add new one. For example, you can specify what should be displayed in your 'meta name="Author"..' or 'meta name="Generator"..' tags.
- Automatically ping Google Blog Search Ping Service when new article is created
- Provides SEO management for K2, VirtueMart, JoomSport, Cobalt7 components

Very powerful meta tags management system

Starting with SEO Boss 1.4r34 external links manager used rel="nofollow" atribute for the internal links

SEO Boss basic product page - http://joomboss.com/products/seoboss
SEO Boss basic download page - http://joomboss.com/seo-boss-pro
SEO Boss basic demo - http://sportstemplates.joomboss.com/
SEO Boss basic support - http://joomboss.com/forum


Demo : sportstemplates.joomboss.com Support: joomboss.com Documentation: joomboss.com

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Version: 1.4r37 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Component Plugin Compatibility: 3