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SEO Boss provides a rich set of tools and configuration settings which are indispensable for site search engine optimization (SEO).
Using SEO Boss you can:
- Generate Meta Tags automatically.
- Change meta tags like Title, Keywords, Description on any content page (Articles and Categories).
- Easy find which pages have weak meta information (empty values in meta tags).
- Automatically hilight all keywords on your page by specified tags (strong, for example).
- Auomatically replace specified patterns by H1..Hn tags.
- Track you site position in Google search result list for different keywords.
- Manage outgoing links. It can replace specified outgoing links to some page on your site, which will actually redirect users to original URL.
- Override any meta tag on you site or add new one. For example, you can specify what should be displayed in your 'meta name="Author"..' or 'meta name="Generator"..' tags.
- Automatically ping Google Blog Search Ping Service when new article is created
- Provides SEO management for K2, VirtueMart, JoomSport, Cobalt7, VM2, Hikashop components (title manager, Meta tags manager and etc)
- Using the new feature "SEO Boss anywhere" you can set metadata for any page.
Just set Authorized Frontend users who can edit metadata.

Starting with SEO Boss 1.4r34 external links manager uses rel="nofollow" atribute for the internal links

Version 1.4:
-Multilingual support
-Several bug fixes
-Mosets Tree support
-Frontpage metatags management

Version 1.4r2:
-Home page Meta Title Tag fix

Version 1.4r3:
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian)
-Google region server fix
-Bug fixes
-Menu Items Metadata editing

Version 1.4r4:
-Several bug fixes in "title manager"
-Code optimization
-Metadata editing in frontend(available for Super administrator only)

Version 1.4r5:
-SEO Boss anywhere feature
-Improved plugin management system
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian, German) SEO and metadata
-Hikashop support (meta tags, title manager, keywords density)

SEO Boss pro product page - http://joomboss.com/products/seoboss
SEO Boss pro download page - http://joomboss.com/seo-boss-pro
SEO Boss pro demo - http://sportstemplates.joomboss.com/


Demo : sportstemplates.joomboss.com Support: joomboss.com Documentation: joomboss.com

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Version: 1.4r38 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Plugin Compatibility: 3