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Set location and destination by pining it on the map
Set location and destination by giving latitude and longitude for marker
Set marker title and info
Set size of the map
Set travel mode according to which the map should be displayed
Choose Background color
Zoom controls
Language - Country/Region
Map type
Disable bird's eye
Disable keyboard, mouse, touch input
Disable panning
Enable clickable Bing logo
Enable search logo
Show breadcrumb
Show dashboard
Show map type selector
Show scalebar

Bing Maps integration features

Bing Map display features

Position of tab at: left, right, top, bottom page edge or static.
Vertical or horizontal toggler tab in left and right position.
Icon for toggler tab from: module gallery, image manager or IcoMoon.
Set custom colours and size in module configuration.
Show rounded or squared corners and shadow.
Set custom toggler tab name.
Unlimited number of tabs on one page.
Multiple module positions and animations
Select effect of Slide-in Box and duration.
Auto-open on page load or on scroll.
Auto-open on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE 7-8).
Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event.
Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user.
Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user.
Close other Perfect-Web boxes when opening another one.
Open Box with menu item, image or link.
Google Analytics Tracking Page View or Event after first click of tab.
Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking.
Supports RTL (right to left) languages, automatically switch module position from left to right page edge


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Version: 2.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Module Plugin Compatibility: 3