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Fully RESPONSIVE, spam-free, UNLIMITED forms & fields, fabulous LAYOUTS, amazing ANIMATIONS, helpful SUPPORT team and 13500+ happy users.
Discover Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form developed for Joomla! CMS. This contact form is fully responsive and spam-free (even with no captcha). What is more Perfect Contact Form ables you to create unlimited numbers of contact forms with unlimited fields, various layouts, effects. As you see your possibilities are practically endless while using Perfect Contact Form. It doesn't matter if you use our contact form to create call me back forms, an application forms, reservation forms, support ticket submission forms or polls, Perfect Contact Form will suit your needs perfectly. Contact form Powerful backend provides you with many customization options to make your contact form exactly as you want.
Try Perfect Contact Form, it’s easy! And even if you have any problem our excellent support team will do it’s best to help you solve your problem as soon as possible. No wonder why 13500+ users use Perfect Contact Form and created ten thousands of forms through which they received millions of messages from their website users.


  • Toggler tab which slides in contact form from page edge
  • Toggler tab which displays contact form in Lightbox window
  • Standard static module with contact form, e.g. in sidebar or in Article content
  • Positions of contact form toggler tab: left, right, top, bottom, static
  • Colors of contact form fields and buttons, toggler button/tab: black, blue, gray, green, lightblue, orange, pink, red, violet, white, yellow
  • Colors of contact form background: black, gray, lightgray, white or define custom colors in configuration


  • Unlimited number of contact forms can be published at one page
  • Unlimited number of contact form fields type of: text, name, email, phone, subject, textarea, select list, multiple select list, single checkbox, checkboxes group, radios group, data picker with calendar, password
  • Sort contact form fields with drag-and-drop
  • Split contact form fields into columns
  • Each contact form field can have a tooltip and validation rule, can be required or not
  • Display labels: inline with contact form fields, above or inside
  • Display any text or HTML code between contact form fields
  • Upload files to contact form using a button or by drag-and-drop, set: size limit, files limit, extension types
  • Advanced contact form spam protection without any codes, but captcha can still be enabled
  • Multiple email recipients, BCC, reply to email, Joomla User as recipient
  • Drop-down list of recipients
  • Automatically fill in contact form with username and email if logged in
  • Send a copy to sender
  • Send auto-reply
  • Email template
  • Ticket system - adds to subject unique date-time based ID or number counter to contact form submission email
  • Track User informations: IP address, browser, operating system, screen resolution and add it to form submission email
  • Track page title and URL from where form was submitted
  • Page redirect to URL after submitting form
  • Google Analytics Tracking in contact form
  • Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking
  • Open contact form with menu item, image or link
  • Preload contact form fields values with URL or link
  • Auto-open on page load, or on scroll, or on exit - set of events that display forms when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (not always works in IE 7 and 8)
  • Auto-open limit count - open forms for first X-times after page refresh and selected event
  • Auto-open delay - if forms not opened earlier by user
  • Auto-close delay - if forms not closed earlier by user


  • Call me back forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Quick contact forms
  • Reservation forms,
  • Support questions forms
  • Job application forms
  • Polls
  • Ask about product forms (redShop, VirtueMart)


  • Community Builder & JomSocial - sends email to user profile form
  • SobiPro - sends email to owner of entry
  • Zoo - sends email to owner of item


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • all modern browsers, IE9+, partly IE7-8
  • Perfect Contact Form is mobile ready, responsive
  • Perfect Contact Form supports RTL


Perfect Contact Form is translated to over 35 languages. Most of Perfect Contact Form translations are made manually, but some forms translations are made using Google and Bing. However, you can easily translate forms to any language you need.


If you need any support with creating contact forms while using Perfect Contact Form please click "Support" button and ask question through a support form on our website. We will be happy to help you with any extension related problem.


Vast documentation on Perfect Contact Form is available on our website. Click "Documentation" button to read how to create unlimited number of forms with unlimited fields and many more.


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