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PayCart is a 100% open source, revolutionary Joomla shopping cart software. PayCart have been re-imagined for next generation to sell products online with minimal efforts.

PayCart has the various features which a shopping cart must have and we have listed some of them below.

True Responsive

Our shopping cart is based on Bootstrap responsive design for all types of devices, from mobiles, tablets and extra large screens. It is easy to customize and works with most of the joomla templates.

Effortless Catalogue

You can create unlimited number of products, categories(nested) and custom attributes (color, size, type etc) , can add/edit images. You can configure which attributes should be searchable and filterable. PayCart allows you to create variants of any product and just change attribute values.


PayCart multilingual feature facilitates to serve your shopping cart in the customer’s language without using any other extension. Searching and filtering are also multilingual. You will be able to translate metadata and product/category aliases also.

Search & Filters

PayCart has smart Faceted search which is must for a shopping cart. Ajaxified filtering is also there to quickly browse and drill-down through your e-commerce store. This process is extremely optimized, fast and Light on Server. More than this, PayCart supports Multilingual Search also.

Automatic Variant Listing

PayCart is intelligent enough to detect variant of any product and it automatically decides and builds selectors for switching products. No configuration is required to enable this feature.

Smooth and Ajaxified Checkout

PayCart keeps your customer focused and asks minimum information while checking out. It is optimized for mobile devices. It also has Guest Checkout feature. Registered users can use same email in guest checkout and PayCart will link the purchase to their account.

Backend Payment Processing

PayCart allows you to manage Payment processing from backend also, like in offline Payment. If you have got payment but Payment Gateway didn’t send the notification or error occurred in processing notification or you have got payment by any other medium, then you can mark it paid from back-end.

User Account

PayCart’s User account section list all the orders of user with detailed description of individual order. It also allows user to login, register, update his/her account details,manage addresses and track orders. Most importantly, guest users can also track orders from this section.

Customer Notification

In PayCart, you can configure and send multilingual notification on various events like on payment status, on shipment status, on cart status and others. There are some predefined tokens to add dynamic content like order & buyer specific data, in notification.


PayCart has simple Inventory tracking for products and it will get updated on every order approval, automatically. Product will be shown Out-of-stock when quantity become 0.


In Paycart you will be able to slot products, cart and buyer into groups for reusability. On the basis of these groups you will be able to apply conditional business rules.


You can set up taxes according to state and country or even Zipcodes. Flat rate and Fixed amount taxes are there and some others are in queue (like EuVat).

Kickass Promotions

PayCart allows to to promote your store in various ways, like through coupon codes, Time-limited promotional campaigns, Free or discounted shipping, SEO.


You can apply flat rate, weight, order total based shipping cost on each order. You can also avail tax and discounts on shipping. Integration with USPS, FedEx and others are in queue. You can create shipments (group of items to be shipped in one package) in which cart will be shipped and manage their status also.

Payment Gateways

Paycart supports offline (cash,cheque and Demand Draft), Stripe, PayPal, and many more will be available soon.

Validation at its best

There is Instant client side checks for proper data in input fields, in PayCart. Even more server side checks are also there to avoid loopholes. Input data will be retained in case of any error.

There are lots of feature available and coming soon.


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