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miniOrange SSO Joomla provides secure Single Sign On (SSO) into Joomla with one set of login credentials. Also, provides Cross-Domain / Sub-domain login sharing with other Joomla website. This extension uses SAML2/OpenID Connect for user authentication. Login with miniOrange Using OpenId Connect/SAML for Single Sign On (SSO).

Features :-

  • Single Sign On

miniOrange Single Sign On (SSO) Solution provides easy and seamless access to all enterprise resources with one set of credentials. miniOrange provides Single Sign On (SSO) to any type of devices or applications whether they are in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Strong Authentication

Secure your Joomla site from password thefts using multi factor authentication methods with 15+ authentication types provided by miniOrange. Our multi factor authentication methods prevent unauthorized users from accessing information and resources having password alone as authentication factor. Enabling second factor authentication for Joomla protects you against password thefts.

  • Fraud Prevention

miniOrange prevents frauds with its dynamic risk engine in conjunction with enterprise specific security policy. We support a combination of the Device Id, Location and Time of access as multi-factor authentication that can detect and block fraud in real-time, without any interaction with the user.

  • Cross Domain Login between Joomla Sites.

You can share the login between two Joomla website(..Cross domain,same domain or sub-domain) by simply adding the other Joomla site URL in the plugin configuration settings, where you want the login to be shared. And adding the HTML button on the current Joomla site which will enable the user to login to the other Joomla domain. Please make sure you have installed and enabled this plugin on both the Joomla sites. And user must exists on both the sites to use this feature.

Why should you pick our Joomla plugin over other plugins that are available?

1) The most extensive range of 2 factor authentication methods
2) A single sign on service for 3000+ apps (whether they are standards based or not), besides Joomla, like Google apps, Salesforce etc.
3) A fraud prevention service that lets you define trusted devices, location, time of access and other parameters that are extensive
4) All the above bundled together and available instantly to you as a cloud service
5) REST APIs that can be called from anywhere anytime
6) Secure login APIs using standards such as SAML and OpenID Connect
7) APIs for Single Sign on, 2 Factor Authentication and Fraud Prevention for Any App
8) Plugin based login for non standard apps
9) Admin dashboard to manage your account
10) Self service dashboard for letting end users manage their profiles
11) Customization for look and feel and functionality

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Demo : miniorange.com Support: miniorange.com Documentation: miniorange.com

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