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JUX Social Popup is one of the most effective module which helps you increase number of followers in your social networking sites. A social popup displays numerous social network’s like, share, follows buttons to impress your visitor and keep them interact with you via different channel like Facebook, twitter, google plus, and other 7 social network pages.

Fully responsive
Jux Social popup has been test on various devices with many screen sizes and different systems like Android or iOS to make sure it runs smoothly on that.

Multiple popup style with various social network features
Jux Social Popup is designed with different layout and functions.
With a basic popup, it contains share, like and follow buttons and display number of people interacted with your social sites.
With Facebook popup, you can choose to display either your posts on Facebook, your fan’s profile picture or both of that. Your visitor will be keep updated your activities via Facebook by click the Like button on top of images and it will automatically add them to your fan list.
Twitter popup will display your follower’s profile pictures and visitors just need to press follow button to start catch up you on twitter.

Freely style for your social popup
Show your unique social popup by styling it with multiple configure option such as: window size, border color, background color, overlay color, background image, etc.

Easy control in Admin Area
Jux Social Popup provide you many features with enable/ disable option to help you minimize your tasks in backend area. If you love to design, you can select any color you want from color picker to make an attractive style for your social popup window.

Highlight features

  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.x
  • Support all popular browser: IE+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
  • Interacted with Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, LinkedIn, RSS, Instagram, Dribbble, SoundCloud, Vimeo
  • Show friend face
  • Show posts
  • Window size width, length
  • Border color
  • Popup window color
  • Background image
  • Color title. massage. background
  • Popup title, popup message supported
  • Cookie save
  • On/Off Popup on Iphone


Demo : demo.joomlaux.com Support: www.joomlaux.com Documentation: docs.joomlaux.com

More Information

Version: 1.0.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Module Compatibility: 3