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BEST performs and mostly optimization for over 80 000 articles!!!

JUNewsUltra is multifunctional module for display your article in your site.

In one module, a greater functionality, which replaces a number of modules.

The module has the ability to create different patterns (templates), thus you can change the type of modules as you like and use the module on the news portals, on the portfolio or personal site.

Note: Please translate language file into your language and send to denys [at] joomla-ua.org

Help to translate: http://opentranslators.transifex.net/projects/p/junewsultra/



v 6.1 Pro:
1. Optimize SQL-query for fast select more 80 000 articles
2. Full portable to Joomla 3.1+
3. Redesign admin panel for module
4. Fix more bugs from old versions
5. Update English, Ukrainian and Russian languages

v 4.5.5 Pro:

  1. Update Bootstrap 2.2.2 for Joomla 2.5

v 4.5.4 Pro:

  1. Update modal windows foe Joomla 2.5
  2. Fixed load jQuery and Bootstrap JS/CSS for Joomla 2.5

v 4.5.3 Pro:

  1. Add Bootstrap js/css for Joomla 2.5
  2. Add jQuery for Joomla 2.5
  3. Add templates 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' and 'Bootstrap Carousel' for Joomla 2.5
  4. Fixed conflict image render
  5. Remove absolute path for images

v 4.5.2 Pro:

  1. Black Friday fixed :)

v 4.5.1 Pro:

  1. Add Esperanto language
  2. Update colorpiker field
  3. Update upload custom image
  4. Update edit template
  5. Fixed selected template
  6. Fixed 'fulltext' allowed tags
  7. Fixed 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' and 'Bootstrap Carousel' templates
  8. Fixed small bugs...

v 4.5.0 Pro:
1. Add option Show/Hide title
2. Add limit text title
3. Add limit method (words or characters)
4. Add end for limit title
5. Add content plugins prepare title
6. Add allowed tags for introtext and fulltext
7. Add end for limit introtext and fulltext
8. Add integration with Komento
9. Add integration with sliComments
10. Add integration with JooComments
11. Update templates: 'Default', 'List template', 'Bootstrap Highly customizable', 'Bootstrap Carousel'
12. Change parameter $params->def('JC') to $params->def('use_comments')
13. Update English, Russian and Ukrainian languges
14. Fixed back-end CSS
15. Fixed some notice for PHP 5.3

v 4.4.0 Pro:
1. Add new default template 'Bootstrap Carousel' only for Joomla 3.0!!!
2. Add order by RATING
3. Add content plugins prepare introtext and fulltext
4. Add support JQuery and Bootstrap JS/CSS if your Joomla template not support this frameworks
5. Add tips in Back-end: NEW, Update, Not support, etc.
6. Update template selected and editing without reload page
7. Update English, Russian, Ukrainian languages
8. Fixed count comments for JComments
9. Fixed templates
10. Fixed Back-end CSS

v 4.3.0 Pro:
1. Add new default template 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' only for Joomla 3.0!!!
2. Add new parameter for template: $item->commentscoun - display count comments for JComments
3. Add alert for new fields
4. Add source rectangle of image:
4.1. Left side of source rectangle of image (sx)
4.2. Top side of source rectangle of image (sy)
4.3. Width of source rectangle of image (sw)
4.4. Height o


Demo : time-ua.com Support: www.facebook.com

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Version: 6.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Module Compatibility: 3