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JU Download is a most powerful, flexible, high quality download extension for Joomla, it help to build a very professional download site. Any kind of download site, from simple to very flexible can be built by JU Download.

✔ Build a document with custom information by extra fields, this is a kind of CCK + Professional Download functions, we understand that you not only want a download system, but also fully information about the download file, this help to create any kind of download site
✔ Configuration can be overridden by top level category to create many download sections in only one component
✔ You can build a site to download File, Music, Book,... with only one installation of JU Download, each kind of document will have it own extra fields and config

✔ JU Download can integrate with almost Shopping cart, Membership, AUP extension... via paid plugin to turn to paid downloads system and you can sell your files.
✔ Unlimited Category Tree
✔ Unlimited document
✔ Joomla ACL support, you can control who can download, submit, manage the document at the front-end based on user group
✔ Build-in uploader, support to upload multi files at once, support very large file(Tested with 2GB file)
✔ Drag n Drop file upload
✔ Local/Remote storage
✔ Password to protect document
✔ Advanced file security
✔ Document changelogs
✔ License manager
✔ Build-in comment system, also support JComment, Komento, Disqus
✔ Ajax rating
✔ Tags support
✔ Language manager
✔ Responsive template
✔ Backend Top List statistic
✔ Very flexible download restrict settings, extendable by plugin
✔ Assign document to multi categories
✔ Unlimited files per documents
✔ Each document has it own icon and image gallery
✔ Override configuration, allow to create multi download systems with only one extension installation
✔ Unlimited Extra fields
✔ Remoted upload
✔ Advanced download functions
✔ Mass download documents
✔ Image gallery watermark
✔ Front-end submit
✔ Approval system
✔ Store old file versions
✔ Statistic download by version
✔ Advanced search/Filter search
✔ Document collection allow user to add favorite documents to
✔ User dashboard
✔ Send mail by event
✔ Log user actions
✔ Report system
✔ Moderators with custom permission
✔ Nice, clean, and responsive template, list of document as Grid/List
✔ Smart template manager
✔ Strongly SEO support, meta data can be overriden, SEF alias can be config, microdata support
✔ Download/Upload Chart
✔ Advanced backend restriction to restrict access a part of back-end manager to each user group
✔ Tons of settings in global config to make the system suite you needs
✔ And much more...


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Version: 1.1.7 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3