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JLinker Menu Link Generator allows you to mass/bulk create menu links for Joomla. This menu link generator is able to mass create links for Joomla content and Joomla categories.

JLinker Menu Link Generator can reproduce content tree structures in the menu links created. For example, if you want to generate links for Joomla categories with a parent/child items structure, the extension will take care of creating the corresponding parent/child link structure in the target menu.

You can generate hundreds or even thousands of menu links, in just a few clicks!
Extensions are also available for K2, Virtuemart, JDownloads, Phoca Downloads and Community Builder.

JLinker Menu Link Generator creates native Joomla menu links. The created links are fully SEO compliant and will work the Joomla way for the aliases creation.

* Load content by extension and select items to generate links for.
* Load and generate links by language
* Edit title and alias values before generating the menu links
* Select a target menu for the generated menu links
* Select a parent link for the generated menu links
* Select a language for the generated menu links
* Select the Joomla access level for the generated menu links (default Public)
* Flat structure yes/no : says if the tree structure of the content should apply to the links
* Choose layouts and/or templates for the generated links

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apache php.ini settings
There is a parameter on Apache servers called maxinputvars.
This parameter says how many variables can be passed to the server in one request.

By default, maxinputvars is often set to 1000, which means that you will not be able to generate more than 1000 links at once with JLinker Menu Link Generator. If you try, the server will just reject the request silently and no links will be generated.

If you have more than 1000 links to generate, you should probably make sure this php.ini parameter has been adjusted to fit your needs.

Upgrade Note
In order to upgrade from v1.0 to v1.1, just uninstall the old package and install the new one, available below.

JLinker Mass Menu Generator v1.1 change log
*Changed the component name from jlgenerator.zip to jlmenugenerator.zip for compliance with the Joomla Extension Directory requirements.
*Updated the libraries and extensions to reflect the name change.


Demo : www.jlinker.com Support: www.jlinker.com Documentation: www.jlinker.com

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Version: 1.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Component Compatibility: 3