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JEM is a free Event Management Component for Joomla.

JEM fully based on the famous Eventlist component, originally developed by Schlu.
It's a full-featured package that includes the core component as well as some very helpful modules and plugins.

JEM is open source and is developed, maintained and supported by an active community of volunteers.

Hot news for June 2015: The new JEM 2.1.4 is out and offers direct import from Eventlist 1.1!

JEM consists of:

The JEM core component handles:
- Venue management (with built-in geocoding)
- Event Management. Events can be a one-off, or a repeating event with complex repeating patterns
- Repeating events can be auto-created in a configurable future time-window
- Category management (Events can be part of multiple, nested categories)
- Group management (for view access rights)
- Front end editing of events
- Auto-archiving of passed events. Archived events can be copied into a new future event.
- Attendees management, including waiting list and email notifications for attendees

Events display options:
- Day View
- Simplelist View
- Calendar View
- Week Calendar
- Categories View
- Venues View
- Venue Calendar (restrictable to categories or venues)
- Submit Event / Submit Venue
- My Events,
- My Venues
- My Attendances - views showing personalised data
- Search view

- Latest Events Basic Module
- Latest Events Wide Module
- Teaser Module
- Calendar Module
- Banner Module

- Search Plugin
- Finder Plugin (smart search)
- Mailer Plugin (highly configurable automatic mailing of new events, subscriber mail for attendees)
- Comments Plugin (for integration with JComments)

Optionally, some additional plugins are available:

CB JEM MyAttending. This plugin shows events where the user is attending in their Community Builder profile. You need the Community Builder extension 1.9.1 or higher installed on your Joomla site.
CB JEM MyEvents Plugin. This plugin shows events that were created by the user in their Community builder profile. You need to have the Community builder component 1.9.1 or higher installed on your Joomla site.
Quickicon Plugin. Shows an icon to quickly jump to the JEM component in the administration dashboard.
Acymailing Plugin. This plugin enables you to insert events from JEM inside any e-mail sent by AcyMailing by using tags.

JEM is available in more than 20 languages. Please mind that not all language packs are yet 100% complete, but translation can easily accessed as each language is hosted on the Transifex platform.

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Version: 2.1.4 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3