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J-lites Book flip is a Magazine display module.The content display in book style ,you can slides pages like a book pages.Its having lots of feature to make it very attractive and fancy .Manage its content from articles category,and also manage book height ,width,page turn over time,page open direction ,cover page/back page image and many other options available for configuration.

How to Use :

✔ you can add new category and assign one or more articles from the particular category.
✔ In module manager ,select j-lite book flip module and add configuration like book height,width,title,cover page settings,change background.
✔ Then publish your module.

Features :

✔ Use for display magazine.
✔ Fully Customizable through back-end.
✔ Display Articles and images from more then one category.
✔ By clicking on page ,you can move another page .
✔ Add images and title in front cover page and back page .


Demo : demo.joomlaites.com Support: joomlaites.com Documentation: demo.joomlaites.com

More Information

Version: 3.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Module Compatibility: 3