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This is provided freely and without liability or support! This is not a paid download the JED is not listing correctly

Quiz and survey tool, Everything is managed from the front end.

Valuable for teachers wanting to provide a quiz to students to help them learn from mistakes.This way students can learn and teachers save time not having to correct them, Inquisitive will do that for them.

Businesses can request customers to login and complete a survey to gain feedback from customers. Or anonymous without login.


  • 3 Steps install, set permissions and add menu links!
  • Create unlimited quizzes from the front end of your website
  • Grant groups permission to create or submit quiz / surveys
  • Quiz mode users get instant feedback regarding their knowledge of quiz subject matter.
  • Colourful reports show quiz users results
  • 3 simple question types, single selection radio buttons, multiple selection check boxes and text boxes with keywords to score against
  • The quiz is dynamic and you can add or remove answers while you create.
  • Categorise quiz / surveys
  • Multi language support for the front end
  • Easily clone quiz / surveys

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Version: 2.2.7 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Compatibility: 3