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Google Calendar import plugin provides support for Google Calendars in Smart Countdown version 2.2.6 or later. It pulls events from selected Google calendar and adds them to Smart Countdown events queue so that countdown/count up is switched automatically to the next event in queue.

Main features:

  • Full support for recurring and all day events
  • Filter events by color (optional)
  • Calendar import settings individually configured for each Smart Countdown module instance
  • Supports both Public API Key and OAuth authentication
  • Full time zones support (events in the calendar can be located in different time zones)
  • Link event title to event details view on Google calendar page (optional)


Demo : smartcalc.es Support: smartcalc.es Documentation: smartcalc.es

More Information

Version: 1.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3