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The Follow Up Mails for HikaShop extension allows you to send customers follow-up emails, after they have purchased specific products. It drives up cross-sales, increases your revenue and simply makes your customers happier.

Whenever your customers purchase something, you might want to inform them afterwards about other products. Or you might want to send them a couple of questions or a request for a review. Of all your customer groups, your existing customers allow for the highest Return of Investment. With this addon, you can increase revenue by optimizing your post-sales process.

The Follow Up Mails for HikaShop extension - based on the free Yireo EmailScheduler - allows you to optimize post-sales: From within your Joomla backend, you can create triggers that are fired once a HikaShop product is being sold. Each trigger also involves a specific Joomla article that is sent as email body. Optionally, you can add a delay of hours, days, weeks or even months, to optimize your after-sales even more.

By being creative in writing generic articles, that still give your customers a personal touch, you can keep the relationship with your customers alive and get the feedback or two-way communication you want.


Demo : www.yireo.com Support: www.yireo.com Documentation: www.yireo.com

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