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Fixed Vertical QR Code display is a system plugin with delivers QR Codes in a slide-able panel in vertical position of website. This plugin can deliver QR Codes in two format, vCard and plain text, configurable from plugin manager. Now a days, QR Codes are very popular with smartphones. It is a very easy way to transmit digital data to a smartphone without the burden of typing those all out.


Basic Features:

• Enable/Disable on Popup windows
• Enable/Disable for RSS
• Enable/Disable for Ajax
• Skip/show in Homepage
• Itemid filter with included only/exclude only options
• Enable/Disable for Mobile devices (small screen)

Style Related Features:

• Auto and Manual box sizing mode
• Vertical positioning control of press button
• Custom image support for trigger image
• Slide in, slide out animation: on hover / on click

QR Code Related Features:

• QR Code generation with independent library
• Option to set Error Correction Levels
• Output format vCard and Plain text

Mobile detection:

• Show/ Hide for Mobile /smart device


Click here for demo: http://codeboxr.com/joomla25/index.php/fixed-vertical-qr-code-display-for-joomla


Demo : joomlakave.com Support: joomlakave.com Documentation: joomlakave.com

More Information

Version: 1.5 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3