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From the same creators of Domus Organizer, this is the professional version available to subscribed users.

★ Full ACL support
Decide which agents can edit or view your properties/customer. Settings could be applied globally or for each agency: for example agents of agency A won't be able to edit or see record belonging to agency B and viceversa

★ Template system
Customize your layouts directly inside Joomla!, using you favorite WYSIWYG editor. No more template overrides!

★ Agenda
Keep track of all your appointments with customers and properties

★ Advanced search
You'll be able to run more effective searches, looking inside customer requests or property details: you'll be able to search for zone, price, number and type of rooms etc. etc.

★ Automatic search
Inside every customer/property, you will find a new tab reserved to the automatic search. Running the search, Domus Organizer will automatically search for properties that could interested your customer.

★ Multi-language support
If your site has international customers you can translate your contents.

★ Google Maps Street view
Do you want to show with exact precision where your property is? Turn on Street view service!

★ PDF printing
You can enable the option to print out PDF for your properties

★ Image watermarks on photos
Instead of standard text watermarks, you can create them using an image

★ Photo beautification
The images are the most important thing in the presentation of a property, rely on this feature to automatically improve them.

★ XMAP plugin: include your properties in the sitemap
Through the XAMP plugin, you'll be able to include your properties inside your sitemaps, leading to better search results.

★ Properties assigned to agents
You can assign every property to an agency, that could directly receive contact email

★ Carousel Module included
Display your best properties using a fancy carousel module

★ Customers/Properties data import
Do you have data coming from an external source? Import them!

★ Multiple agencies
Do you several subsidiaries or you're inside a group of agencies? Manage them all inside Domus Organizer.

★ Add new features with plugins
Extends existing features with plugins: inside the pro version you'll be able to run all the plugins compatible with Joomla articles.

★ Custom module positions
Add new modules inside Domus Organizer pages without modifing its core!

★ Custom print templates
Create your own template with Microsoft Word and Domus Orgnizer will replace all the tokens with the values saved inside the component!

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Version: 3.7.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3