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{cbdocembed url="1st URL, 2nd URL, 3rd URL” /} use this shortcode and voila !

The world around us is getting busier day by day. So, we need to find more smarter, shorter and efficient ways to cope up with the race. If you have a Joomla site and want to embed documents on your pages from the most popular document sharing site without worrying about handling codes, Crazy Document Embed Plugin for Joomla may come handy and a smart way to handle your documents.

This shortcode based smarty pants plugin can understand your short hand code commands and can embed your expected document inside your content. It’s very easy to use and requires no coding experience. One can follow the simple instructions and use it.

Its a lovely plugin that help show great documents no matter where they are in the clouds. It can embed documents from Slideshare, Scribd, DocStoc, SlideBoom, SlideSix, Prezi and Empressr. It can handle multiple documents from any of these sites with a single command / shortcode.


Works for top 7 document sharing sites. such as:
Prezi &

  • Manager with control for document embed size
  • Fluid Grid layout
  • Lightweight output design
  • Shadow effects with CSS3 with IE compatibility
  • Autoplay enable/disable for Embed
  • Start slide show from defined slide number
  • Frame-border enable/disable
  • View mode set to scroll view/Slideshow for scribd
  • Control hide/show for Prezi
  • Added direct PDF file embed support using Google Docs (v 2.1 onwards)


Demo : joomlakave.com Support: joomlakave.com Documentation: joomlakave.com

More Information

Version: 2.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3