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Clean, quick and nice display of date and time, with multiple formats for all countries.

::: Useful Parameters :::

  • Before & After text (You can insert html text in front or at the end of date and time).
  • Time Zone (You can use multiple copies of datetime module, from different time zones, to display the time from more than one Countries in one single page).
  • Date Format (You have a plethora of options to display the date format that match for your Country).
  • Date Format Separator (Some dates are written with dot 13.04.2015, or slash 13/04/2015, or dash 13-05-2015 etc.).
  • Text between date and time
  • Time Format (Static or ajax/flashing format, e.g. 08:44:12 PM).
  • Display PM/AM (You have the option to display or hide the PM/AM right of the time).
  • Color (Set your custom color from the color picker).

::: Specific date formats for the basic components :::

yy – Two-digit year, e.g. 96
yyyy – Four-digit year, e.g. 1996
m – One-digit month for months below 10, e.g. 4
mm – Two-digit month, e.g. 04
mmm – Three-letter abbreviation for month, e.g. Apr
mmmm – Month spelled out in full, e.g. April
d – One-digit day for days below 10, e.g. 2
dd – Two-digit day, e.g. 02

::: Available Languages :::

  • English (United Kingdom) [en_GB]
  • Greek (Greece) [el_GR]
  • Ukrainian (Ukraine) [uk_UA]


Demo : demo.web357.eu Support: www.web357.eu Documentation: www.web357.eu

More Information

Version: 2.0.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Module Compatibility: 3