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Get your data in CSV format

Export any table to CSV: transform your Joomla Database into a Excel file or Google Spreadsheet!

Pick one or more tables you want to expose, and enable them in the admin interface

That's it! Then just call index.php?option=comcsvexport&table=yourtable

Export any custom SQL query


Create a MySQL View and execute any SQL query you want

The result will be exportable like a normal table.

Major advantages provided

  • choose which tables you want
  • optionally add a password to protect your data
  • select all fields (*), or just a few
  • set LIMIT and OFFSET parameters to the query URL to paginate the results

The results are sent using JSON to the requester.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Integration with other sites
  • Integrations with ecommerce tools: extract your orders!
  • Create email lists
  • Backup and export data
  • Sync with other software or websites
  • Basically any custom integration you might think of.


Demo : demo.joocode.com Support: joocode.com Documentation: joocode.com

More Information

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