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** About **
This joomla! plugin provides a mechanism for informing your visitors about how you use cookies on your website. It served with a lot of useful parameters.

** Useful Parameters **
- Position (top, bottom).
- Duration (The duration of message (in seconds). After this time, the notification bar will disappear).
- Animate Duration (The duration of the animation will run (in milliseconds). Default is 2000.).
- Limit (The limit of how many times, the notification bar, will display if visitor not press the button).
- Message (The Message in notification bar. HTML allowed).
- Font Color (The Font Color. Example: #fff or #ff0000 or green etc.).
- Link Color (The Font Color. Example: #ccc or #f2f2f9 or red, blue, black etc.).
- Font Size (The Font Size. Default is 13px.).
- Background Opacity (The Background Opacity of notification bar).
- Background Color (The Background Color. Example: #000).
- Custom CSS (Enter your custom css code).
- Include or Exclude plugin from pages (Select the pages that plugin will load or not load).
- Debugging Tools (Clean the cookie if you already pressed the "Ok" button).

** Why we have to install this joomla! plugin? **
On 26 May 2011 the European Commission made the controversial 'Cookies Directive' law. It applies to the UK and all european countries. It mandates that the use of cookies on european business websites must be disclosed and explicit consent for their use be obtained from your users, however in the UK the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has suggested that it is sufficient to work on the basis of implied rather than explicit consent.

** Credits - Thank you! **
This plugin is based on cookiesdirective.com.


Demo : demo.web357.eu Support: www.web357.eu Documentation: www.web357.eu

More Information

Version: 2.1.3 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3