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Joomla 3.x ready form builder. No trial forms, No form field limit but free and fully working forms. The only free form builder with professional forms features.

No "Crippled Forms" but really usable forms.

The latest breezing forms backport contains many of the form stability upgrades from breezing forms 1.8.x plus Joomla! 3.x forms compatibility and integration with ContentBuilder forms.

Create a full range of forms like contact forms, form calculations, payment forms, google maps forms or any kind of form you can think of.

Breezing Forms is the only form manager around that you can throw at almost anything and yet is able to manage even the most complex tasks.

If you need a simple contact form or a fully fledged form app, check out Breezing Forms, as it will most likely fit your needs.

If you have any questions about Breezing Forms and its features, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Breezing forms lite version can be turned into a form based CCK (replacing its native forms):


Install forms, export forms, import forms and enjoy our free form builder!

People often ask what are the differences in form creation between breezing forms lite and breezing forms full.

The breezing forms lite version contains a few differences that are not that relevant for regular form users, such as:

  • Less Forms Features (due to being the breezing forms lite version, no Bootstrap forms support)
  • Unlinked footer in forms (can easily be removed due to the nature of the GPL license)
  • Basic forum support, only for form questions (with answers for your forms from our form experts as time allows)

Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version. The most fair free forms in the JED.

Breezing forms is suited for form beginners and advanced form users, while we try to balance ease-of-use with form feature richness for form based applications and simple standard forms (everyday forms).

By creating forms with breezing forms, you will learn that breezing forms is the only form builder you need, so no need to deal with plenty of form builders. Breezing forms is just enough to create all your forms.

Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import the forms on other sites and interchange forms with breezing forms for WP).

We are constantly developing and updating breezing forms for more than 5 years now to give you the best forms experience available for Joomla! as well giving you the ability to create very complex forms and forms that stand out from the form crowd.

Get Breezing forms, install and create your forms today. Tipp: use the option QuickMode forms, the most favored form builder in Breezing forms!


Demo : crosstec.org Support: crosstec.org Documentation: crosstec.org

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Version: Lite (build 907) License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3