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BM Mega Menu Pro help you show menu with many configs. You can config almost color on menu (text, background, active background, border).
- This Menu module support responsive: It can display nice on tablet and mobile. This module does't create 2 menus, one for desktop and one for responsive (tabet, mobile) same almost Mega Menu module now. Our module only create one menu for both desktop and responsive, it will make your website load faster.
- Our Menu only use DIV tag to build Mega menu and it doesn't use jQuery so it will make your website faster and has no errors ( javascript and css).

A. Installation:

  • Unzip bmmegamenuprounzipfirst.zip package. It has 2 packages bmmegamenupro.zip (module package) and bmextrafieldsmenu.zip (plugin package).

  • Install both bmmegamenupro.zip and bmextrafields_menu.zip

B. Config:

  • First you need enable bmextrafieldsmenu plugin: Admin => Extensions => Plug-in Manager search 'BM Extrafields Menu' then active it.

  • Config for menu items: Menus => Select your menu => edit (or add new) menu items => Options => 'Brainymore Menu Params'.

B.1. Menu item's params:

  • Menu width: Set width for menu item (default is 'auto')

  • Menu icon class: This module support add icon font (awesome) at the front of menu item. You can add icon font class, you can get icon font class from: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

  • Show menu title: You can show or turn off title

  • Show menu note: Module show note under menu title, you can turn off it too.

  • Select module to show: Mega Menu Pro support to show modules in menu item. you can select one or many modules to show in menu items.

  • Content html: Module support to show content html, you can put content html yourself.

  • Menu cols: You can set number of columns for submenu of current menu item.

  • Menu width sub: You can set width for submenu of current menu item.

B.2. Module BM Mega Menu Pro Params:

  • Select Menu: Select a menu in the list

  • Base Item: Select a menu item to always be used as the base for the menu display. You must set the Start Level to the same level or higher than the level of the base item. This will cause the module to be displayed on all assigned pages. If Current is selected the currently active item is used as the base. This causes the module to only display when the parent menu item is active.

  • Start Level: Level to start rendering the menu at. Setting the start and end levels to the same # and setting 'Show Sub-menu Items' to yes will only display that single level.

  • End Level: Level to stop rendering the menu at. If you choose 'All', all levels will be shown depending on 'Show Sub-menu Items' setting.

  • Show Sub-menu Items: Expand the menu and make its sub-menu items always visible

  • Menu's effect: Select effect how submenu will appear when hover parent menu items. It support None, Fade, slideup, Scale.

  • Menu's type: Module support 2 style Single(normal style menu), Mega (mega style for submenu)

  • Menu's Direction: Module support Horizontal and Vertical menu.

  • Menu's width: You can Config width for menu (if you put 'auto' menu will display full width).

  • Show border: Show menu border or not.

  • Text color: Color for main item.

  • Hover text color: Color for main item when hover.

  • Menu's background: Select color for menu background.

  • Background gradient: Menu Support render background with gradient effect.

  • Color from (gradient): Select color from if 'Background gradient' is Yes

  • Color to (gradient): Select color to if 'Background gradient' is Yes.

  • Hover color: Select color for item's background when hover.

  • Active background: Set background color for actived item.

  • Submenu's background: Set background color for submenu.

  • Submenu hover: Set background color for submenu item when hover.

  • Submenu item's color: Set color for submenu item.


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Version: 1.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Module Plugin Compatibility: 3