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Auto Posting from Joomla! and K2. AutoTweetK2 plug-in allows to directly auto-post articles from K2 to all social networks.

_AutoTweet NG is a Joomla! extension for automate post publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. AutoTweet-K2 plugin integrates K2, the powerful content extension for Joomla, with Joomla! and AutoTweet. _

For starters, when an author creates a K2 article (content item), AutoTweet, integrated via AutoTweetK2 plugin, generates a content request and auto-tweets a message to the enabled social networks: Facebook, Google+ Moments, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Begin with social content management via Joomla, K2 and AutoTweet

AutoTweet NG and K2 have a set of features for seamless automated auto-posting in a straightforward way.

AutoTweetK2 plug-in configuration for Joomla! and K2

  • Autopublish
    • If autopublish is set to Yes the message is posted when you publish it. Otherwise, you must approve it in Posts list/Publish.
  • Template for message
    • The message template will be published to social networks. Available tags: [title], [alias], [introtext] or [extrafieldID] (for example, [extrafield3]).
  • K2 Image Size
    • Include in the post this image size.
  • Categories
    • Select categories to filter content items. IDs of categories separated by comma (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5). By default, messages from all categories will be published.
  • Excluded Categories
    • Select categories to exclude content items. IDs of categories separated by comma (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5).
  • Post modified
    • By default, only new content items are processed. Enabling this setting allows to also process modifications.
  • Show URL
    • Choose if URL can be showed as link at the beginning or end of the status message.
  • Show Categories
    • Choose to show categories at the beginning of the message.
  • Show Category as Hashtag
    • Show Category represented as a hashtag.
  • Show Tags as Hashtags
    • Defined content tags are included as hashtags
  • Use Title or Text
    • Choose to create the message from title or text.
  • Number of chars to use
    • Enter the number of chars to process. Every social channel applies additional restrictions, namely Twitter 140 characters.
  • Static Text Source
    • Insert a static text in the message from this source
  • Metakey Count
    • Number of metakey words to include.
  • Custom Static Text
    • Enter a static text that is inserted into the message.
  • Static Text Position
    • Choose static text position
  • Content Polling
    • If articles have not been publishing firing an event, the plugin tries to load them right from database. It's required if your are going to repost old articles.
  • Polling interval
    • Interval to check for new articles. Plugin checks every X seconds for new articles in the database.
  • Post old articles (only once)
    • If you enable this setting, articles newer than the entered date are posted. REQUIRES Content Polling. Additionally, if articles have been MODIFIED, activate 'Posting Filter/Post modified' setting to include them.


Demo : demo.autotweetng.com Support: support.extly.com Documentation: www.extly.com

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Version: 7.9.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3