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AutoTweet NG PRO is the most powerful Joomla! extension to automate and curate content publishing from Joomla! to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Unlimited auto publish from Joomla!

AutoTweet NG PRO solves social networks integration with an extensive feature set to empower Joomla extensions ecosystem.

Unlimited auto publish from Joomla!

Beyond the simplest auto-posting case, where an author creates a Joomla article and a post is published to a social network ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). AutoTweet PRO allows to implement a social media strategy to integrate over 50+ Joomla! application extensions to an unlimited number of channels.

Start on social content management with AutoTweet

AutoTweet NG PRO has a formidable set of features to implement a full process for integrated content management based on automated auto-posting: creation, generation, edition and publishing with a streamlined quality control.

Beyond simply auto-posting, Auto Tweet NG PRO provides the right tools to curate content in the publishing process: filters and rules, RSS Feeds grabber, periodic cronjob scheduler, content re-scheduling and integration with over 50+ Joomla! application extensions to an unlimited number of channels.

In a nutshell: AutoTweet main features

  • Control Panel: An operative dashboard to have a quick view of your social media actions.
  • Social Composer: A supreme editor to create your messages. Composer allows to take advantage of the designed strategy for automated and manual social posts. Therefore, all social posts follow the same planning to reach a higher degree of consistency.
  • Requests and Posts: All activities can be managed and monitored. Requests and posts can easily be cancelled, repeated or rescheduled. Rules. To implement a supreme social plan, rules provide a method to organize content, customize and ditribute it along heterogeneous social channels. For instance, AutoTweet can apply rules by category, author, language, words, or regular expressions.
  • Channels: Social channels define the main integration area from your content to social networks. In this optimized area, the required authorizations are simply granted according your account profile.
  • Channel types supported in AutoTweet:
    • Facebook Profile, Group, Link, Page, and Photo channels
    • Twitter channels
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners channels
    • VK Channel Communities (Groups, Pages and Events)
  • 60+ Extensions Plug-ins: AutoTweet plug-in implements the largest Joomla ecosystem hub for social networking. The social hub is outside the range of other sharing solutions, including all plug-ins in a handy package.
  • RSS Feeds grabber: To enrich your auto-posting from native content, RSS Feeds grabber provides a boost to social timelines adding complementary posts to the main topics.

Plug-ins for Joomla! extensions included in AutoTweetNG PRO

AutoTweet can auto-publish content from the following Joomla! extensions to social networks:

  • Joomla Articles
  • Joomla Weblinks
  • On new user
  • AdsManager
  • Agora Pro
  • Cobalt
  • CommunityBuilder
  • DJ-Classifieds
  • DOCman
  • DT Register
  • EasyBlog
  • EasyDiscuss
  • EasySocial
  • EventBooking
  • Eventlist
  • Fabrik - NEW!
  • FAQ Book
  • FlexiContent
  • HikaShop
  • HWDMediaShare
  • IProperty
  • JCalPro
  • JComments
  • JDownloads
  • JGive
  • JomEstate - NEW!
  • Jomres
  • JomSocial
  • JomWall
  • JoomBah Jobs
  • JoomCareer
  • JoomDonation
  • JoomGallery
  • JoomShopping
  • JReviews
  • JTicketing
  • JU Directory - NEW!
  • JU Download - NEW!
  • K2
  • Komento
  • Kunena Forum
  • ListBingo
  • MijoShop
  • Mosets Tree
  • Music Collection
  • Ohanah
  • Phoca Download
  • Remository
  • RSEvents!
  • RSForm! - NEW!
  • Seblod
  • SimpleCalendar
  • SobiPro
  • Testimonials (Infyways)
  • Testimonials (JoomPlace)
  • VirtueMart
  • ZOO

Other integrated Joomla! extensions via 3rd party plug-ins

  • Acymailing
  • DJ-Classifieds
  • JEvents
  • redEVENT
  • redBOOKING
  • redMEMBER
  • SermonSpeaker
  • Zefania Bible

AutoTweet extensive list of features

  • Control Panel
    • Social Meter - Status Charts and Timeline
  • Install from Web and Live Updates
  • Social Composer
  • Requests
    • General Management
    • Image Preview
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Publish
    • Calendar View
  • Rules
    • General Management
    • Override Settings
    • Rule Message Control
    • Add Static Text
    • Text Replacement
  • Posts
    • General Management
    • Image Preview and Validation
    • Short URL / Original URL Edition
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Approval
    • Manual Publish
    • State Change
  • System Check
    • Component
    • Modules
    • Plugins Management
  • Channels
    • General Management
    • Facebook Profile, Page, Group, Link, and Photo
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners
    • VK Profile or Community channels (Groups, Pages, etc)
    • Facebook Auto Tweet App - Canvas App
  • Extensions Plug-ins
    • 50+ Extensions Plug-ins
    • Facebook Open Graph Tags plug-in
    • TwitterCards Tags plug-in
    • Social Profile Links for Google
    • Write Your Own Plugin API
  • Feeds
    • General Management
    • Feed Details
    • Publishing
    • Content Creation
    • Image Grabber
    • Filters
    • Content Grabber
    • Auto Tweet Generator
  • Rule Engine
    • Rule Types: Access, Author, Catch all, Category, Featured, Language, Media, Regular expression, Scope, Groups, Term and Word.
    • Modes: Normal or Deny All


Demo : demo.autotweetng.com Support: support.extly.com Documentation: www.extly.com

More Information

Version: 7.9.0 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Component Module Plugin Compatibility: 3