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  • RSForm! Pro compatible. Joomla 3.x.
  • No core hacks needed. Simple plugin install through the Joomla Extension Manager.
  • Process credit card single payments, subscription recurring payments (ARB), and electronic check (eCheck) recurring payments.
  • Required and optional Authorize.net fields are automatically added to your RSForm! control panel.
  • Use the Authorize.net sandbox account setting to test your payment behavior before making it live.
  • Set a fixed amount, or attach the amount charged to connect to a form field, allowing for numerous custom behaviors.
  • Set custom invoice numbers, invoice descriptions, and subscription details if needed. Or, allow the user to select.
  • View transaction number, payment status, and shielded account number in your submission reports, or attached in the user/admin email for RSForm! Pro.
  • Full credit card numbers, expiration dates, CVV, bank account numbers, routing numbers, etc. are all blocked from storage in the database, for easier PCI compliance. SSL and basic level PCI compliance is still necessary as per any payment form!


Support: www.osignite.com Documentation: www.osignite.com

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Version: 3.1 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3