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Freedom to use any of the most popular Social Commenting system: Facebook Comment, LiveFyre, Google+ Comment, Moot.it and Intense Debate. Makes your content immediate hit by sharing the comment in visitor’s social network. Light weight and simple to use.

Awesome Features:

  • Brings the Power of Top 5 Social Commenting System

  • Easy to Switch between Comment Systems from Dropdown in Admin

  • No Tweaking with Code required, works with any Joomla template

  • Smart Device Friendly

Supported Social Comments:

  • Facebook Comment (See Demo here: http://joomlakave.com/j3demo/index.php/all-one-social-comments)

  • Google+ Comment (See Demo here: http://joomlakave.com/joomla30/index.php/content-plugins/all-one-social-comments)

  • LiveFyre

  • Moot.it

  • Intense Debate

  • Disqus

Supported Components:

  • Joomla Content (Com_Content)

  • K2 (Com_K2)

  • Zoo (Com_Zoo)


Demo : joomlakave.com Support: joomlakave.com Documentation: joomlakave.com

More Information

Version: 1.5 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Paid download Includes: Plugin Compatibility: 3