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The menu Accordeon CK is an advanced accordion menu system that allows you to insert some descriptions for each menu link, to load any module in the menu structure, and display some image beside the text or just without any text.

Fonctionnalities of the menu Accordeon CK :

  • Nice effects to open submenus (uses the default Joomla! library)
  • Multiple use on the same page
  • Description under each menu link
  • Loading of other modules in the menu
  • MVC structure
  • Image display with or without text
  • Unlimited levels
  • Open on click or mouseover
  • Fade transition option
  • Multiples options for styling (color, gradient, shadow, border-radius...)
  • Option to load a theme
  • Patch for Hikashop, Virtuemart


Demo : www.joomlack.fr Support: forum.joomlack.fr Documentation: www.joomlack.fr

More Information

Version: 2.0.15 License: GPLv2 or later Type: Free download Includes: Module Compatibility: 3